Advamat develops high performance HiPIMS CrN and tungsten based coatings for brass forming and processing. This technology offers excellent coating-to-tool adhesion and minimal brass-to-tool adhesion. Thus, our coatings increase performance but also significantly reduce your company's costs. We offer a free cost-benefit analysis. Give us a call to find out how we can help you save costs in your production as well.

Save at least 20% of your costs: discover HiPIMS coatings from Advamat!

Key benefits of HiPIMS coatings for brass forming:

HiPIMS (High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) is an advanced coating technology that uses high-power pulsed magnetron sputtering to produce thin but extremely durable coatings.

  • Cost Savings: Our HiPIMS coatings can save you at least 20% due to their long life and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Increased durability: Hard and durable surfaces significantly extend the life of brass forming tools.

  • Improved performance:by reducing friction and wear, our coatings improve tool efficiency, leading to smoother operation.

  • Anti-adhesion properties: Coatings prevent materials from sticking to tool surfaces, resulting in better brass processing.

Life cycle of a brass forming tool


HiPIMS CrN Coating

HiPIMS Tungsten Coating


2000 HV

2200 HV

Coating Thickness

1-5 µm

1-5 µm

Brass Adhesion


Very Low

Friction Coefficient



Coating Adhesion


Very High

Solutions tailored to your needs

We offer a wide range of HiPIMS coatings with varying thicknesses and surface finishes to suit the specific requirements and applications of your industrial process. Our coatings are used by customers in the brass processing industry. See references.