Coating Development and Collaboration

We offer consultation for your issue, development of solutions and their application, up to long-term cooperation during operation. We pride ourselves on our ability to invent and implement new solutions for the specific challenges of our clients. We have experience with nearly all types of surface treatments and equipment from various manufacturers, from coating plastics, through steel, to ceramic materials.

Three typical problems that companies face:

  • Reduction of friction in the system
  • Increase in tool lifespan
  • Improvement of surface functional properties
Do you have a specific problem? We will solve it.
Component treni

Low friction and wear

Ochrana abraze

Protection against abrasion

Component koroze

Anticorrosion and heat protection

Decorative coating

Decorative coatings

Why coat?

Significant cost reduction: our coatings increase tool life by tens of percent. Your production can be more efficient without the need for frequent tool changes or maintenance.
Aesthetic appearance: our coatings provide an impressive glossy appearance, which is desirable for aesthetically-oriented applications such as jewelry, glass, or plastic coating.
Corrosion Resistance: These coatings provide excellent protection against corrosive influences, which is important in environments with high humidity or in the presence of aggressive chemicals.
Low coefficient of friction: PVD coatings have a very low coefficient of friction, which is particularly useful in situations where it is important to reduce friction between two surfaces, such as moving machine parts.
Thermal stability: PVD coatings are thermally stable, which means they retain their properties even at high temperatures.
Universal applicability: PVD coatings can be used in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, engineering and medical.

Technical and business questions:

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