Among our satisfied clients are world-renowned glassmakers, Czech plastics manufacturers, and firearms companies. Take a look at our innovative solutions for glassmakers at Sans Souci or how we helped save money for Sellier & Bellot Firearms.

Chrome Plating Replacement

For Sellier & Bellot, a leading manufacturer of ammunition, we addressed an alternative to chrome plating for brass stamping dies. In the project, we proposed a unique solution, verified it for production technology, conducted a selection process for the technology supplier, and implemented the production process on the customer's equipment. Thanks to our collaboration, the customer saved 50% on the investment in production equipment, successfully replacing hard chrome plating without the need to change other production procedures, while also increasing tool lifespan by tens of percent.

Decorative Coatings Development

Sans Souci is a place where design meets cutting-edge technologies, giving rise to the most imaginative interior and architectural installations. For these glassmakers, we create surfaces that are both beautiful and functional. Together with the customer, we undertake numerous developmental projects aimed at overall improvement and innovation of installed coating hardware. We address the strategic development of coatings and decors for the future and provide technological support in the field of magnetron sputtering.

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting

As part of our collaboration with Šlechta a.s., the coating for aluminum pressure die casting was optimized. The optimization was carried out for a significant supplier of aluminum components in the automotive industry. Four suppliers were invited for final testing, which took place on D8 pins placed against the mold inlet. The test results showed that the innovated coating outperforms the existing solution significantly, surpassing other suppliers while maintaining the same production cost. As a result, Šlechta a.s. acquired a new product and a stable customer for their portfolio.