Innovative Coating Solutions for Industry

We develop surfaces that enhance the durability and lifespan of your tools and components

We focus on both functional and decorative coatings for plastics, glass, and metals

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We develop new PVD coatings and surface treatments for our clients. We offer long-term support from consulting on your issue, through the development of a solution and its application, to ongoing collaboration during operation. Do you need a solution for your application? Contact us. We offer consultation and a cost-benefit analysis for free.

galvanic chrome plating

We are introducing an innovative solution that offers the same durability and aesthetic appearance without the use of hexavalent chromium and other harmful substances. We apply a solution directly for you that will be functional and completely replace electroplating chrome, meeting current REACH legislation.

DLC povlaky

We specialize in coating components and forming tools. We apply DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coatings and hard coatings on machine parts, sliding bearings, and tools. Our coatings are used to reduce friction, protect the tool against wear, and serve as an effective protection against corrosion. We have experience with both mass production and single-piece production.

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Among our satisfied clients are world-renowned glassmakers, Czech manufacturers of plastics and metal components, and armories. Take a look at our innovative solutions for glassmakers in Sans Souci, or how we helped save money for the armory Sellier & Bellot. During our decade-long history, we have already solved almost every engineering problem. More references? Read HERE.


Tomáš Polcar

Prof. Ing. Tomáš Polcar, Ph.D., a researcher in PVD coatings and tribology and the founder of AdvaMat.

"We bridge the gap between science, as we know it from the academic environment, and the industry. Our mission is to bring not only significant savings to manufacturing companies but also to optimize their production processes through our unique solutions based on the latest scientific knowledge. We offer coatings that set new standards for lifespan, performance, wear and corrosion resistance, all with minimal environmental impact."

Do you need to increase efficiency with innovative PVD coatings?

We offer a consultation of your problem and a cost-benefit analysis for free.