Grants and basic research

Group of Advanced Materials Group, the Department of Control Engineering has become one of the most successful groups in the field of materials science at the faculty. The aim of our research is the field of surface engineering, namely thin, solid layers created by physical or chemical methods.

AdvaMat s.r.o. We are a company mainly engaged in the research and development of thin films and materials. The company was established as a star-up CTU in Prague, from the Department of Advanced Materials.

Current research topics cover new deposition methods, coating development with unique optical, mechanical or tribological properties, and design of a new test facility. The group is successful in top-level research (more than 60 papers in journals published in impacted journals over the last five years, more than 400 citations, ten lectures at international conferences) and in obtaining financial support (projects from national to EU, a total of more than € 1.5M in 5 years). Also, the group has strong national and international cooperation with academic and industrial partners.

Our main themes include:

  • Low friction adaptive coatings
  • High-temperature tribology
  • Biocompatible coatings
  • Development of interface with better radiation resistance
  • Modeling and simulation at atomic level

1) Granting grants

Our project managers have a lot of experience with the administration and management of both domestic and European grants.

We have a broad network of cooperating partners across Western Europe who will be happy to participate in promising projects.

We can prepare a tailor-made scientific and development project, identify key points and control the fulfillment of funding conditions throughout the project.

We are dealing with projects funded by the public sector and private-funded projects.

2) Running EU Grants

ICARUS - FET Open (Future Emerging Technologies) is a European Union program for highly ambitious projects focused on the research and development of promising and not yet explored technologies. Within the ICARUS project in addition to AdvaMat, a total of 10 partners, including the top American University of MIT, work together. The FET Open is part of the EU's Innovation and Research Framework Program Horizon 2020.


Our role: Designing ways to create and test special alloys, depending on the theoretical calculations of other partners

3) Completed EU Grants

AgriSENSact -FP7
It is a project focused on the development of new processes for in-time testing of fertilizer and soil water content as well as the development of recovering renewable energy from the ground.
Sensors are based on an exclusive modular technology with the ability to send data using wifi without having to connect to another power source.

Our role:
Development of sensory layers capable of detecting the presence of fertilizers and water